Halloween Costumes for Students and Professionals

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Halloween is Coming Again!

Yes, it is that time of the year. Halloween is coming soon. And you always want to have at least some kind of costume so you could join the club of mad celebration of all the weird things. 

Either you are a student on a budget, or adult, we have selected quite a few choices for you from cool costumes to semi-costume masks for a low budget. Check them below. Click on each link – it will open in a new window. Browse on if you want. 

NOTE: Some of the costumes selected by us can be also used for a cosplay parties throughout the year. Fun is not only on Halloween but year around. 


This guide is broken down into several sections. Scroll down to which one you prefer. 

  1. Nuclear, Chernobil and Gas costume ideas.
  2. HAZMAT and bioagent costume ideas
  3. Deluxe costume ideas.
  4. Extra Halloween Masks

1. Theme: Nuclear, Bio-hazard, Chernobyl, Social Distancing.

These masks and costumes are relatively cheap and you can combine them many different ways to make a truly unique costume.

You can add proper t-shirt, coat, overcoat, hazmat suit, a wig, and so on and have a perfectly scary costume. 

Nuclear gas mask + radioactive hoodie – and your Halloween costume is ready. It just cannot get better and simpler than this. Comes in different colors, not only in black. 


This mask is not real gas mask – but it is made to look cool as a mask. Easy to brief. I think. 


Caution Radioactive Radiation Hazard Nuclear Warning Sign T-Shirt

A radioactive caution t-shirt to go with gas mask or respirator. Comes in different colors, not only in black. 


Actual working gas mask for extremely fair price. You can not only use it for Halloween but use it around the house when you clean the dust in the basement, etc. 

But, I would not count on $39 gas mask for working at hazardous activities like working with serious chemicals or biological agents. 

Just basic/home/work/costume/party gas mask, which gives you effective Halloween or theme party outfit. 


Radioactive hoodie to go with gas mask. Comes in different colors, for men and women. Women can order 2 sizes smaller.


This is relatively cheap actual gas mask without a filter. You can wear it to the Halloween party and use it in your life and house projects if you also purchase filter to it. Looks kind of funny. Add a hoodie to it – and you have got a costume. 

Now you will really look like a nuclear, Chernobyl, bio-hazard, stalker monster. 


An air soft play mask which looks like tactical gas mask. Dirt cheap. Not a real gas mask.


Women’s cool tank top with radioactive sign. Comes in different colors.


A nice color, radiation sign pullover hoodie for women. Meet Halloween with style. Comes in other styles and colors too.



Real Hazmat respirator to protect against organic material. 

And also can make a good gas mask to go with hazmat or biosuit.



DO you want to really scare your friends at the party? Then walk in in the biosuit with respirator mask on. 

Nothing will scare them more than real staff. After you make you first impression, you can change mask and put on a cat or dog or wolf or any other mask with biosuit.

Think about it – wolf in medical personnel bio-suit!



Deluxe Costumes For Guys and Girls, for Ladies and Gentlemen!

Price: $159.95

Looking for a costume for Halloween Party? By purchasing it you can also shore up global conservation initiatives, as 20 % of your payment goes to the Global Conservation Organization.

Furry Lion Long-sleeved Costume made of high-quality polyester stretch velvet and acrylic faux fur will help you to become the life and soul of the party!

Lionsuit has a practical front zipper, so you’ll feel comfortable as well. The deluxe costume is produced in the USA. Please bear in mind that faux fur hood with lion ears and lion tail is enclosed, while legwarmers can be bought additionally.

Handmade, from Italy, paper mache – a real authentic mask. This is not mass produced plastic staff. 


Guess what – you can get plastic Venetian mask for only fraction of the price. Not handmade, but will do the trick or treat. 




Need to impress everyone with a fancy period costume? Stunning Cleopatra Costume is a great option for Carnivals, Comic Cons, Halloween Parties, or thematic shooting. 

A peach-colored feminine maxi dress, decorated with the embroidery and golden belt, will make you feel like a queen of Egypt. A same-colored cape, which is enclosed too, will add even more solemnity to your look. What is more, golden armbands and wristbands are attached, so you don’t need to buy them in addition.

And now for the icing on the cake – a headpiece also comes with the costume. As a result, you get a full-fledged look with all of the accessories, allow to reproduce the historical spirit of an age.

Want to look like a real predator? Here is a great mask for that – the Predator mask. 




$99.99 – $399.99. The price depends on whether you buy an only cape, only armor, or both items.

Feel right as a Game of Thrones character during Halloween party 2020! The costume is produced with faux fur, faux leather, polyester, and alloy accessories. You will get a complex festive look with Faux Leather Robe, Faux Leather Armor, Pants, Faux Fur Cape, Belt, Bracers, Gloves, Shin Guards. 

US Men Size is a standard one. If you want to purchase “Custom-made”, then look at the description of the item and inform us about your measurements.

Company will ship your order quicker than ever for 3-5 days or offer you standard 7-15 days shipping.

Here is another exposed Predator mask for a great price! Yummy….


Price: $159

Belle Halloween costume is a key for your confidence and cuteness, whatever event you take part in. This long-sleeved maxi dress, decorated with embroidery, fabric inserts, and strings, is a perfect choice for carnivals, Halloween parties, or an incredible historical shooting.

festive cape is also attached.  If you want to select a customized size, please tell us about your measurements.

Our tailor will make the costume after 1 week from the moment of the order. We will ship the costume promptly for 3-5 working days.

Standard shipping takes approximately 7-15 working days. Pay attention that colors on the picture may differ from actual once.

Price: $289.00 + $60.00 shipping


Searching for a costume with a true historical spirit? The breastplate for women will attract lots of attention in various events, from modern stylizations of historical events to Comic Cons and Halloween parties.

The costume is also comfortable to wear, as it can be easily adjusted, due to your measurements.  The quality matters, when it comes to wearing festive steel costumes.

This is why the armor breastplate is made of 18 gauge steel. Be ready to receive favorable comments and hear the cheers of the crowd! 


Grand Heritage offers the best and the most impressive look that every guy’s willing to apply! To become Neo from Matrix 2, you should try this officially licensed costume. The set consists of sunglasses and a full-length black coat. The size of the jacket standardly fits 42 to 44-inch height, and 34 to 36-inch waist.

The rich colors, luxury fabrics, fitting accessories will carry you over ages. It’s not just an average black coat you can wear to have fun for Halloween, Christmas, or any family holiday.

It’s one of the best designs from Rubie’s – a genius costume leader. Wearing this, you’ll take the mission seriously and enthusiastically! Attention! Handwash laundry is required!


Do you like the idea of dressing up for fun and holidays? Rubie’s has a special offer for girls. Catwoman set includes a tight-fitting black bodysuit, a massive belt, stretching gloves with nails, cat ears, eye-mask, and necklace.

The good thing is the ensemble is licensed and actually worth your money. The bodysuit is elastic and fits every form well.

The accessories are easily recognizable from the originals from Batman TV series. The icing on the cake is a metal belt with a nice lion head on a fastener. The necklace may seem too light but matches your look to the ground! The costume looks perfectly good when paired with the original Batman.


Everyone dreamed to be a superhero! By wearing this, you will feel like a real Captain Soldier – a stylish guy, who cared about people, solved the global problems of humanity. The set is elegant, well-crafted, and looks authentic. It has a vest, a shirt with pants and boots included.

The costume’s size is standard US adult men’s size and you can refer to the size chart if needed. There is one thing that will disappoint you – the set doesn’t include the mask.

If you want to have a finished appearance and harmonious design at the holiday, it is better to buy a Captain’s mask beforehand.

Here is a creepy fat man mask for Halloween scare. Looks like an old rotten Gaelic warrior or a deado. 



If you are a fan of film’s evil-doers, you can try an officially licensed Marvel Comics costume of Venom. The set includes a black jumpsuit and an authentic latex mask with red ugly Venom’s tongue. The costume is designed to grab everyone’s attention, whenever you are.

The costume top and pants fit well. The hands and head-mask are oversized for a reasonable interpretation. Overall, the costume is comfortable, not too big and not too small for an average man’s figure.

The easy fit does not ride up down there with your move! What you will also like about this Rubie’s creature is that it has plenty of small touch fasteners in the back!


Your hot desire to become a Batman is obvious. This must be one of the best-selling Halloween costumes. So, if you want to dress up for fun, you should try this Batman’s look on! The set includes a tight shirt, a belt, latex pants, and a specially designed satin cape just like from the TV series of the same name.

Among the variety of Batman suits, the Rubie’s variant in the best and full-packed. It even includes authentic boot covers! The gloves are cool and easy-stretching. Check the cape size before closing on the purchase. It may look too short if doesn’t fit your real size.