How NOT To Fail the TOEFL Test and Pass It

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Can You Fail the TOEFL Test? The Whole Truth

Can you fail the TOEFL test? This is not the correct way to put it because most test-takers achieve some level of score. But the question is rather can you fail the TOEFL test in terms of specific college or University score requirements. The answer is – yes, TOEFL test taker can fail to achieve a TOEFL score required by colleges or universities. 

However, if you can read this article, it means that you are already capable of scoring points on TOEFL. If you are looking for an answer, you probably want to study in an English-speaking University or just going to join it.

In short, TOEFL is a world popular English language proficiency test that indicates your language skill in reading, speaking, and, of course, writing and listening. It includes everything you learned in the classroom or on your own.

Way more than 7000 institutes include TOEFL in their learning process to help candidates determine their admission and scholarship. Of course, achieving the highest grade is the reflection of the fact that you succeed in your educative process.

There are various test locations you can find in your country. The internet is overfilled with all the courses so that you will never have problems with preparation. So, why are you still afraid of failing TOEFL?


How often do you put yourself a question What will happen if I fail my exam? It is laudable if you have a backpack plan on failure. But how is it possible to get a failing grade on a test? First of all, if you think you are not able to pass the test, you should do the maximum to prevent your possible failure.

Secondly, you have to understand that you can’t fail the test as you’d get F on your college exam. There can’t be passing or failing scores on TOEFL! At the same time, the institution you commit to informs the public about its passing grade.

Luckily, if you score above the average, you can’t fail TOEFL. Thus, getting 100 points, you will be denied admission if the university passing score is 110. But the good news is that there are institutions, where the passing score is 65. And many institutions have set TOEFL passing grade at 80.

That’s why the question can you fail the TOEFL test  is always an open issue. You should wait for your test result for about a week. The TOEFL grade expires in 2 years. Once this period expires you can’t use your TOEFL results anymore and will be called to retake the test.

I posted an article about how I prepared for TOEFL and passed it with 95% score on the first try.


Ask any person you meet, taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is quite a tough challenge. On the face of it, the exam tasks appear easy to understand but they make students more focused and detailed.

You can find many factors that may influence your test result and make it difficult to pass. Let’s go past the most typical situations.

You think you have all the answers

Under most circumstances, confidence can save the world. Confident people are believed to be more successful than others. However, people who think they know all the answers can be failed easily. Get one hundred and ten percent to get ready for the exam.

You are unenthusiastic

It is meaningful to seek to get the highest rate if you want to succeed in study, business, and anything in your career. When takers don’t have that enthusiasm about their results because of personal problems, study stress, or any other tension, this also affects their final score.

You can’t deal with past exam experience

Have you had any exam experience? Your past failures can play a dirty trick with you. Of course, everyone goes through ups and downs. You can carelessly fail and recover. Don’t take it to heart.

If you’ve once failed, it doesn’t mean you will lose any future exam. Forget about negativity and demotivation and keep working on it.

Poor planning

As a rule, the core issue of why you show your poor quality on the TOEFL is lack of planning. Study and planning are synonyms. You must know how to divide time between study and play and follow the chosen schedule.

Make up your own study plan, where there will be enough time for everything. Don’t forget to set deadlines for each plan instance and keep that program. If you go wrong at any stage you can always go back and manage your time correctly so that you will never miss anything important.

Lack of preparation

Planning and preparation always go side by side. At any rate, TOEFL is a very professional exam with many complexities. It is impossible to pass it successfully without any preparation. Professional coaching, training, or course or guidance are needed and could be very helpful.

Of course, if you feel like you are ready to pass it with your efforts without any help, go ahead. Nevertheless, it would be great to get some tips and technics on how to get the highest score from professionals.

Where to find them? You can check links in this article leading to quite good online TOEFL training and preparation courses.

You can also read another TOEFL article here about whether it is hard or not to get score 80 on TOEFL exam.


Poor language practice

Lack of English knowledge is the biggest problem for all language-learning students. The biggest hidden stone for the test takers is the lack of language practice and, as a result, poor communication.

It often happens that you feel like you are good at English but unable to shape and express your thoughts clearly. Do you find it difficult to speak English, sharing your thoughts and ideas? You probably need more time for practice in preparation for the exam.

Gaps in punctuation

Punctuation must never be underestimated. Poor knowledge can affect your writing test. As a rule, students pay attention to grammar rules, but underestimate punctuation issue, using punctuation marks blindly, placing them where they shouldn’t be placed.

Do you really want to get a fair score in TOEFL? Review the information about commas, periods, stops, questions marks to use them carefully in your paperwork.

Poor computer experience

Believe it or not, there are takers, who are not good at modern technical staff, even if this refers to computers and laptops. Keep in mind, TOEFL is fully computerized. It is not a typical situation.

But for people who grew up in a traditional environment, it may be rather stressful to calm down and cope with pressure when dealing with the newest technologies on the computer screen.

Weak research

There is one more issue that can affect your TOEFL result. It’s all about bad research. Many students consider the TOEFL test easy to take because they have all the needed materials at free access. If you are not lazy, you think that you can find everything in one click.

First of all, it is not true. Sometimes free material is plain wrong and incorrect and you may learn wrong rules or just waste your time. As a minimum, you should buy a book from a reputable international test prep company.

And ideally, you should not be afraid and really spend a few hundred dollars on the TOEFL test preparation course from good known test prep company. Your whole career is on the line.

You are ready to spend tens or even hundred thousands of dollars on your education. And you are too cheap to pay a few hundred dollars for a good course so they would teach you how to get a better TOEFL score? You got to be kidding me.

You will never have problems with gathering and processing of study materials unless you didn’t spend time and a little bit of money to find at least something. You know, a lot of takers make their biggest mistake when do nothing to search about the exam. Are you in?

Careless attitude

This is good news you can’t fail the TOEFL test. But getting a low score will be not enough for your institution. Be serious and result-oriented. Your careless attitude can hold you back from planning and preparation.

Don’t worry about your time.

Just think of each and every exam section and decide which of them need to redouble your attention. It is important to arrive early and never late for the exam. TOEFL is your first priority so that it must be taken seriously.



You finally got not a good score on the test, but you have doubts you were rated correctly. It happens in the best of families. Can you appeal to your grade? YES, you can. For detailed information, you should go to the official TOEFL web page where you can find the process of getting and revising grade.

Pay attention to the Writing and Reading parts, where the results are final and can hardly be changed. But still, you can require changes in TOEFL Listening and Speaking.

There is another limitation you should remember about. No doubts, you can ask to revise your grade in the Speaking and Writing sections. At that, nobody can say if this result will go up or down. Nobody, but the Education Testing Service can decide if you were rated as with TOEFL standards the time before and how to change your score.

However, they can leave your scores in its current place without changes. Isn’t it risky? Also, you face some financial expenses. You will pay $80 per each reviewed section. Thus, you will be charged $160 if you are going to revise both TOEFL sections. You could take the TOEFL prep course for only double that money.

It’s just wasting your budget if you are not sure your score will be changed for better. So if you can’t drop the idea to improve your TOEFL result by reviewing it, consider all sides of this procedure.


So, are you ready for the exam? Tomorrow is your big day. Do as best as you can to make this day hassle-free. You have time till tomorrow to sweep up a mess in your head and organize your knowledge. Try to read the test day guidelines and you will know what to bring and what to expect from the test.

The things you have to double-check our Registration form and an ID document. This is a must to take with you to the test center for checking your identity. Obviously, your ID document must be recognized by the government or state, where you are taking the exam.

Check if the name in your ID and the name in the registration are the same. Don’t forget to check the photograph and a clear signature on your document.

Finally, to cut the list of your worries, try to leave all your valuable items at home. Sure enough, the test center allows using special storage space for your personal belongings. Again, they are not responsible for any of your personal items.

It is better to come light and keep belongings to a bare minimum. And, of course, try to find out what is the passing TOEFL score in your institution. Understanding that score makes your worries about possible risks and bad results less scary.

You can learn more about TOEFL from official page.

Relax, do not stress out, and do not do anything stressful today and until after the exam. When the exam starts – just focus on each individual question or assignment and do not get distracted by thinking about anything else. 

Just for your information. For example, Harvard College (a junior educational institution in Harvard) does not require TOEFL at all. But other Harvard programs do require TOEFL of 100 or more. Research your target college or university requirements well.