Max Feo, JD, MBA, Tax LLM

JD – Rutgers School of Law Camden

LLM in Taxation – LMU Loyola Law School

Paralegal AAT Program – UCLA

Formerly UCLA-trained paralegal, I obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers School of Law, Camden, New Jersey.

Then, I went on to obtain his LLM in Taxation degree from Loyola School of Law in Los Angeles, California.

Prior to legal career I obtained his LLB in International law and relations in Europe, and an MBA in sunny California.

I have been working in business and law in the United States and abroad, including performing consulting work for a couple of large international law firms.

I have spent many years being a student  and now know a few good tricks and methods to get ahead in academia and career settings. 

I want to share what I learned through hard work and lots of studying, to try to help others avoid my mistakes. I am only trying to convey truth as I see it – my own opinion. 

My LinkedIn profile.

Interesting legal project I worked on (one of them – my name is in the last paragraph). 


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