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17 Great Warm Weather Travel Destinations In The USA

If you want to escape cold winter and travel for vacation to some warm place without leaving the United States, then here is a sample list of great warm travel destinations. Of course, there are more in the US, but these are the most popular ones.

1. Maui, Hawaii

No doubt that Hawaii is Number one vacation destination in the USA. Not only it offers warm weather and Pacific Ocean beachside, but also many other perks.

The downsides are that it is quite expensive and traveling to this island is not easy.  The Island of Maui has quite a bit – of tropical vegetation, beaches, food, and more.

Tourists flock to Maui for its many attractions and stunning scenery. With overgrown greenery, colorful tropical flowers, and swaying palm trees, Maui has a charming quality. The sound of crashing waves and the chirping of exotic birds add to the tranquility.

2. Key West, Florida

Key West is a tropical excursion vacation spot proper within the continental United States, and the southernmost town in Florida.

The crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean lap up in opposition to first-rate white-sand beaches, whilst the town`s structure exhibits impacts of the Bahamas.

For the ones in search of a warm-climate excursion for the duration of wintertime, Key West gives you sunny skies, a balmy climate (common temperatures within the 70s Fahrenheit), stunning beaches, and plenty of visitor attractions.

The icy months in Key West promise masses of sunshine, little rain, and no risk of hurricanes. However, the reason that icy winter is the excessive season for tourism in Key West, is weather.

Coconut Trees on the beach in Key West, Florida
Coconut Trees on the beach in Key West, Florida

3. Palm Springs, California

Balmy and palmy weather, with vibrant sunshine and crisp blue skies, greets tourist traffic to Palm Springs in the course of wintertime.

The months from November to March are the excessive season for tourism in Palm Springs, and the metropolis bustles with interest in the course of this time.

Most travelers flock to Palm Springs in the course of wintertime with the intention of enjoyable through the pool and playing doors sports within the high-quality weather. Other vacationer points of interest encompass shopping, gourmand dining, and journeying museums.

4. Miami, Florida

Miami appears to have it all: awesome climate, a wealthy cultural heritage, occurring nightlife, and splendid beaches. With its picturesque waterfront backdrop and a colorful Latin American influence, Miami sticks out from different primary city facilities within the country.

Many tourists do not forget wintry weather is a satisfactory time to go to Miami. Winter is one of the top reasons for tourism. The wintry weather months (December thru February) convey a slight sunny climate with highs within the 70s Fahrenheit, lows within the 60s, and little or no rain.

5. San Diego, California

The Mediterranean weather with masses of light makes San Diego a nice region to go to all through the wintertime.

While there’s a risk of rain all through the iciness months, heavy storms are uncommon in Southern California, and common iciness sunlight hours temperatures are within the 60s Fahrenheit.

Grey Concrete Church Surrounded by Trees in Sand Diego, California
Grey Concrete Church Surrounded by Trees in Sand Diego, California

6. Scottsdale, Arizona

Sunny and moderate throughout the wintertime, Scottsdale attracts much traffic for getaways targeted around golfing. However, there are numerous different activities in Scottsdale which include spas, visiting museums, shopping, and best dining.

Scottsdale caters to discerning purchasers with its extensive choice of luxurious inn properties.

There are many five great inns that function as nice providers of awesome amenities: spas, swimming pools, health centers, fashionable restaurants, and golf courses. Most of the upscale hotels are set on spacious grounds with wonderful perspectives of the desolate tract landscape.

7. U.S. Virgin Islands

A not-so-famous but worthy warm vacation spot in the USA are U.S Virgin Islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands welcome site visitors to an imaginative and prescient paradise, entirely with idyllic island surroundings and the best climate.

Temperatures vary from seventy-five to eighty-five levels Fahrenheit, with plenty of sunshine, maximum of the year. Winter is a great time to go to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

However, flight and resort fees grow at some point in the iciness months, together with tourism demand, as many travelers are looking for a warm-climate getaway at this time.

Travelers from the Northeastern United States and different northern nations come to get away from cold dull icy climate and bask within the tropical weather of the Caribbean.

8. Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki spoils site visitors with its huge desire for accommodations, shops, and restaurants. This world-famed seaside motel line in Honolulu on Oahu Island is one of the maximum touristy locations of the Hawaiian Islands and is taken into consideration as one of the pinnacle locations to go to within the United States.

Thanks to its tropical climate, Waikiki is an exquisite vicinity to go to all through the sun-sopping wet iciness months, whilst the temperatures vary from seventy-five to eighty-five ranges Fahrenheit. Visitors can revel in sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and water sports activities all through the ice months.

9. The Big Island of Hawaii

Dramatic surroundings define the Island of Hawaii (called the Big Island), which become fashioned through 5 volcanoes hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Visitors are wowed through the lovely landscapes, such as energetic volcanoes and the world`s tallest island mountain. The Island of Hawaii consists of wonderful geographic and weather zones.

Tropical rainforests cowl the Japanese part of the island, in assessment to the barren region within the south. The shoreline capabilities tropical rainforests and sun soaking wet sandy beaches, even as snow falls at the 13,800-foot height of Mauna Kea for the duration of winter.

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

Not most effective is the town of New Orleans, Louisiana one of the maximum culturally specific towns in America, it additionally occurs to be an amazing town to go to while the cold temps dip right all the way down to unbearable.  

An amazing time to get integrate your heat iciness break out with a number of the excellent matters to look and do within the US.

Where else are you able to get the uncooked strength of the French Quarter, colorful jazz, wealthy history, and a solid choices of excellent meals within the USA than in The Big Easy!

It`s the correct US town for the ones seeking out heat iciness getaways. If you could wait to break out till January, pass for Mardi Gras, a party not like any other.

Mardi Gras starts on January sixth and runs till Fat Tuesday with maximum activities and parades held the remaining weeks earlier than Fat Tuesday.

New Orleans, LA, United States. Cars Parked on the Roadside Near City Buildings.
New Orleans, LA, United States. Cars Parked on the Roadside Near City Buildings.

11. Tucson, Arizona

The metropolis of Tucson is positioned an hour and a 1/2 southeast of Phoenix in southern Arizona. With a year-spherical common of 70.9°, Tucson is an almost ideal vacation spot to warm up in winter.

The metropolis boasts several museums and venues of the area`s historical past and culture. An especially exciting museum is the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures Main Gate Square close to the University of Arizona is a famous purchasing and eating district with over 30 eating places with cuisines from across the world.

Explore Tucson by renting a Pedego electric-powered motor motorcycle and make your manner to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

12. Santa Barbara, California

Who has not heard about Santa Barbara after famous TV series? Tucked among the mountains of Santa Ynez and the seashore lines of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara gives the nice of all worlds. Mountains, beaches, and metropolis.

With its metropolis vibes, you get a number of nice food, walkable spaces, and ancient architecture. For door lovers, you`ll in no way run out of factors to do from browsing to trekking to traveling waterfalls.

So pass the site visitors in Los Angeles, and force up hours north to this lovely metropolis this is heat year-round!

13. Puerto Rico

If you’re absolutely searching out the warmest wintry weather holidays within the USA, head to Puerto Rico.

While the climate is continually heated in Puerto Rico, there may be additionally lots much less rain this time of year. So, spend a while island hopping, kayaking bioluminescent bays, hiking, paddleboarding, and more.

14. Santa Fe, New Mexico

While New Mexico isn’t the warmest location within the icy season, it’s miles nonetheless one of the maximum lovely iciness locations within the U.S. For the ones trying subculture and art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is probably the location for you.

15. Pensacola Beach, Florida

Pensacola Beach is extensively famed as one of the maximum stunning seashores within the United States supplying excellent white sand and easy crystalline water.

Consider staying via way of means of the pier in a beachfront rental like this so that you may be close to all of the eating places and bars inside taking walks distance. Pensacola is each family-pleasant and amusing for adults!

Woman in Orange Bikini Looking Away on the beach in Florida.
Woman in Orange Bikini Looking Away on the beach in Florida.

16. Orlando, Florida

While Orlando is a famous American vacation spot for iciness travel, what many human beings don`t understand is that it`s close to numerous stunning herbal outside areas and cultural hidden gems.

So, in case you need to discover the place past Disney World or the various different topic parks Orlando is understood for, you could visit locations like Wekiwa Springs State Park or Weeki Wachee Springs State Park! Check out our Orlando Hidden Gems manual for a lovable vacation.

17. Phoenix, Arizona

Temperatures hover around 60 stages that is a much-wanted remedy for locals from the cruel summers and traffic from the less warm states.

The temperatures and fantastic landscapes from the barren region location makes it the proper time and location to get a few trekking in.

These are warm vacation spots in the United States. There are more, of course, just choose and go enjoy that mild or warm weather in winter. 

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